Hi, we are the Burns Brothers. We own a Private Personal Training Studio in Scotland and we help people achieve their health, fitness and nutrition goals. We also do a lot of work with the elderly community by visiting care homes and delivering functional workouts to the residents. Our clients range from age 18 to 103! Burns Gym have a huge passion for fitness, health, wellbeing and nutrition.

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We have helped transform clients through great workouts and sustainable nutrition guidance. We developed our books based on our love and passion for nutrition and fitness. We wanted to give our clients tasty alternatives to help them live a healthy, sustainable life.

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You can find out more about us on our website www.burnsgym.com

Burns Gym Fitness Recipe Books

We wanted to provide you with fitness healthy recipes which also taste delicious. This book is designed to help provide inspiration for different recipes as variety definitely plays a part in keeping things interesting. Using this book will help you stay on track and achieve your health and fitness goals. All recipes have Protein, Carbohydrate and Fats content provided.

Burns Gym Guide to Eating Out

Negotiating your nutritional landscape is of critical importance.The number of people eating out and ordering in, is increasing year on year whilst home cooking is in rapid decline.

In today’s hectic lifestyles eating out or ordering in provides the path of least resistance.

• Planning meals takes time
• Shopping takes time and preparation
• Preparing and creating food takes time and cooking skills that many may not have
• Serving and cleaning up takes time

Despite the financial incentive of preparing your own food often, the conflicts to doing so outweighs the benefits.

Fully appreciative of these facts we have put together this guide to help you navigate EATING OUT, or of course, ordering in. We have featured some of the beacons of the British high street with a focus on healthy and calorically sound choices. We accept that some of these places might
not be for you, but the ones that are we hope will assist you in your choices.

Restaurants Include –


Burns Gym Guide to Calories

The intention of this guide is to give you many of the tools required to
increase awareness of calories, your caloric intake and how you would go
about manipulating both the quality and quantity of them to fit with your
own personal goals.

What we know right now from the simple fact you’ve picked up this guide is that your current habits and behaviours surrounding food don’t align with the physical outcome you desire.

That goal could be centred around improvements to your physical composition, changes to your physical and cognitive performance or perhaps a combination of both.

The quality and quantity of energy you consume on a daily basis therefore becomes critical and by giving you a deeper understanding and clarity
surrounding that source of fuel is a large step in the right direction.


Below is a detailed list of our nutrition products. All products were produced in 2019 and are copyright© of Burns Gym

We really hope you enjoy our products.
Tony & Joe Burns